Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Gap Between Girls and Junior Sizes

Clothing manufacturers should really think about making clothing sizes in between Girls and Juniors. I was taking my sister school shopping today and realized there is quite a jump from children's girl sizes and juniors clothes. The cut of the clothing and styles are pretty different.  There are taller girls who are too big for girl sizes but maybe too small and not mature enough for junior sizes.  If I could make clothing I would totally capitalize on this!  Some of the clothes sold for young girls are too provocative in my opinion, and companies really need to consider that many girls are taller and a bit more developed than the average height.  They aren't plus sized girls but they aren't teenagers either.  What would you do if a child is obviously too old for Garanimals but you won't be having her wear some of the form fitting flirtier styles in the junior's section?