Monday, May 2, 2011

Hoss Intropia

The wonderful world of looklet has introduced me to a great label called Hoss Intropia.  That Jill Scott playing in the background just sealed the deal for me.  The cult Spanish label was created by Paloma Vázquez de Castro, ex-National Ballet of Spain designer in 1994.  All prints and details are produced, designed and handcrafted by the label.  If Hoss Intropia were its own setting, it would be a relaxed yet invigorating day at the beach.  Their clothes are so beautiful and soft.  Silk, chiffon, pleating, eyelets, and other intricate details combine to give their line an elegant feel

from Hoss Intropia Collection for Spring/Summer 2011

also from Hoss Intropia Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

STANDOUT PIECE on website: lemon chiffon floral off the shoulder dress

click here to view SPRING/SUMMER 2011 LOOKBOOK

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  1. i love the scarf in the first picture...and thank you for the super sweet comment! i really loved it!