Thursday, September 30, 2010

Turbans Turn Trendy

Turbans, or head wraps, have been around for a while in certain ethnic communities but the fashion world has just begun to take notice.

I can't see this being a wearable look for most people.  I mainly see a few fashion-forward, artsy, bohemian, or hipster types rocking this but not so much mainstream.  Really though, try to imagine 19-year-old trend lemmings in the middle of Ohio donning turbans.  Not everyone will be able to pull this look off, but it will be fun seeing people try!

I like the brightly colored ones, but the solid black turbans make the girl look like she forgot to take off her doobie wrap before she left the house.  The way the turban is wrapped is also important.  Too sloppy and undone and it just makes you look sloppy.



Do you have the courage and desire needed to rock a turban or do you think it's too much altogether? 


  1. I don't know if I would ever wear a turban but they are interesting...
    A new way to spice up your look apres-shower, perhaps?

  2. I know turbans aren't for me, but Solange Knowles is serious business wearing hers. She looks great!

  3. I like Turbans....

    I have long hair but the days I don't feel like doing my hair or when it's bad weather ...I think a turban would be a great alternative instead of putting on a hat.