Wednesday, October 20, 2010

R&B/Hip Hop Ladies Role Model Personality Profile

Tell me who you're a fan of and I'll tell you who you are.  Over the years, I have noticed many similarities between girls who idolize certain artists.  Many of us idolize celebs because they either embody traits they feel represent them, or qualities they want for themselves.  This post has a lot of truth in it if you sit back and pay attention.  If any of these describe you or someone you know, leave me a comment and let me know somethin! 

If you're a Beyonce come off as classy and poised individual.  You're the typical all-American girl that can be taken home to mom, with a hidden naughty side as a bonus.  You're probably an overachiever that made good grades in school and excel in your chosen profession.  If you have any siblings, you are probably the "golden child".  People are often jealous of you. You might be a little flamboyant and may display traits of arrogance and snottiness.

If you're a Nicki Minaj're feminine with a childlike vulnerable side.  You may sheild your vulnerability with a tough boisterous exterior. Those other bitches may try you at first, but they soon learn you're not the one to be played with.  You have a creative side and you just want to express yourself and have fun.  Sometimes you can be rude, you're not a bad person but you feel that you have to prove yourself and you may go overboard with it.


If you're a Trina definitely have a naughty side and aren't afraid to do you, good or bad.  You don't care if people gossip about you as long as they pronounce your name right.  You are outwardly confident and brash, you had to be because you probably went through a lot in your life.  You're a survivor and you like to be dominant.  In a crowd of people, you are the one others take notice of.  In a relationship, you are the one who wears the pants.  You love experimenting with different styles and you may take a daring approach to fashion.  Unfortunately you may not always treat your body like the temple that it is.

If you're a Rihanna're a rebellious little thang!  You were that girl in school who got in trouble for smoking in the girls' bathroom.  You are still trying to figure out who you are, so you make mistakes sometimes (who doesn't?) You are a very social person and you love to go out and be seen. Sitting at home chilling is not your thing.  You're opinionated and you don't care about pleasing people or winning popularity contests.  On the negative side, you can be a little self destructive and push away those who really care about you.

If you're a Ciara're sweet and humble.  You probably either have a big close-knit family or a lot of friends who serve as your family.  You have tons of energy and you likely either dance or play sports.  When you're in a relationship you're probably your man's best friend.  You will most likely get wifed early in life.  You like to look presentable but you aren't flashy or much of a material girl.  You may be a reserved person because you are very thoughtful and observant.  You're also a great gift giver!  Unfortunately you are too much of a pushover and people end up taking advantage of you.


  1. oh this is a good a fan of them all except Rhianna (overrated)....but does that mean i have multiple personalities or


  2. lol, that sounds so spot on! I'm a Beyonce type chick


  3. I love Nikki but that's because I want her pink hair! :P I'm not tough at all.