Wednesday, April 6, 2011

RIP Dariel Pulliam

The fashion world suffered a tremendous loos when Dariel Pulliam, hair and makeup artist to the stars, passed away April 4th.  The 29-year-old ATL based stylist was hospitalized for a couple weeks and is speculated to have died from lung complications or a staph infection.  His exact cause of death has not been concretely established at the time of this blog post.  Pulliam was most well known for his associations with Keyshia Cole, his best friend Neffe Pugh, Fantasia, Tiny, Tionna Smalls, and Toya Carter just to name a few.  He appeared Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, Frankie and Neffe Show, and What Chilli Wants.  He is loved and reminisced by his fans and friends everywhere.  Condolences and grief from loved ones and fans have been expressed throughout the twitterworld. It is terribly sad whenever a bright talented soul is taken away from us.  Gone too soon.

His family is asking for donations to help with funeral costs.
Dariel Pulliam Jr. family appreciates all your condolences and is asking for HELP with memorial donations. Please send donations for celebrity hair stylist Dariel Pulliam memorial services to address: P.O BOX 47001 Windsor Mill MD, 21244 or you can send donations via PAYPAL to and click on “Add Funds” this can be done by PayPal account users only as we are working on other methods for donations.

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